Key Success Factors in Relocating Sensitive Data

Successful crisis recovery and data relocation operations require three important components:

1. Resources:

Ready access to advanced technology and equipment and up-to-date resources is imperative if a relocation project is to be completed on time and on budget. Vanguard has invested in the resources necessary to offer premier data relocation services that can be performed as quickly and discreetly as our clientele require. Furthermore, Vanguard has access to resources that enable us to perform crisis recovery and data relocation services at multiple scales. Whether our clientele need us to recover and relocate a sensitive asset under crisis conditions regionally, nationally, or internationally, Vanguard can respond accordingly.

2. Experience:

Highly experienced personnel who have been involved in data relocations or crisis recovery operations under varying conditions are vital for success. At Vanguard, our highly trained and security-screened personnel have been performing crisis recovery and data relocation projects for over twenty-three years. As a result, our personnel have acquired the knowledge necessary to plan, customize, and execute operations with minimal disruption to day-to-day business operations.

3. Communication:

Effective communication between all stakeholders involved in a crisis recovery and data relocation operation is essential in order for all parties to both have a unified and singular understanding of the logistics involved in planning and implementing a crisis recovery, or a data relocation operation and avoid unnecessary confusion while an operation is being executed. Vanguard relies upon an integrated approach of communication to ensure that all stakeholders involved in a project not only receive continuous updates regarding the status of an operation, but can track and follow the movement of their sensitive asset(s) from location to location.


The integration of these three components into all crisis recovery and data relocation plans and operations has allowed Vanguard to become a trusted partner of many major corporations governmental bodies throughout North America and beyond.