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End to end solutions, including a full range of enterprise and legacy storage tapes and supplies.


Do you require a tape media expert who understands what your needs are?


Since 1993, Vanguard has been providing a full suite of tapes, lockboxes and labelling solutions for both enterprise and legacy archiving. Let us prove to you that our end to end solutions have a lower total cost than our competitors.


Our customers choose us because we have all the tape media you need - delivered seamlessly - where ever and whenever you need it - across the globe.

  • Dedicated personal account managers
  • Massive inventory on site - ready for immediate delivery
  • We service what we sell – complete source for Data Tapes
  • Responsive 24/7/365 customer service
  • In-house SAME DAY labelling and order tracking
  • Knowledgeable technical support

TAPES - Enterprise & Legacy

  • We partner with leading tape manufacturers with access to the latest generation of enterprise storage media, including 98/9940, 3590 J/K, LTO’s, T10000s and 3592s. Vanguard also maintains a supply of legacy storage tapes for formats like DAT, DDS, SDLT, Magnus, Magstar and Travan.
  • Manufactures such as  IBM, HP, FUJI, SONY, Sun/Oracle (STK) StorageTek.
  • Sundries and accessories.


  • Vanguard routinely travels to client sites to re-label, de-label and re-initialize data storage media on-site or off-site, we can satisfy all data storage requirements.


  • Vanguard is the only provider in Canada to offer Tri-Optic media label production.
  • Allowing Vanguard the ability for same day custom tape and label shipments, label applications in house, initialize tapes corresponding Volume ID and Serial Header.
  • Regular maintenance of "tape pool" database to eliminate duplication.


  • We provide a full range of secure containers designed to house media slated for destruction and transport. This includes secure stationary lockboxes, lightweight storage containers and transportation cages.

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