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Is your big data in the cloud protected with your SLA?

Big data and cloud computing challenges organizations to collect, process and store an ever increasing amount of data. Securely managing the enormity of this data and backups is a critical part of any data management strategy.

It’s a common misconception that co-location data warehouses provide media supply and destruction for old and obsolete data. On the contrary, it is the responsibility of the owner of the data to manage and decommission their own assets.

Vanguard is the largest managed cloud security provider offering you direct expertise across the world leading cloud systems and are uniquely certified to support organizations with these cloud data management challenges.

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Regulatory Compliance

  • We guarantee all recognized auditing and legislative guidelines pertaining to the secure processing of your sensitive data, are met or exceeded, eliminating your liability from a data spill or compromise.
  • We serve as the single source consolidation point to make management and decommissioning of hardware and tapes more efficient.
  • The same services for physical destruction are designed for those that use cloud and hybrid technology in co-location warehousing.
  • Our Data Destruction services provides secure, compliant disposal of unwanted hardware and media.
  • Our Tapes and Media Supplies provides an important role in the storage required for your Big Data archiving with access to all the tape media you need.



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